What is your kinda thing?

Hobby is a very common thing we heard from a long time we used it time to time when needed to describe ourselves. But there are so many misunderstandings made in case of hobbies like many us choose hobby on basis of trend and what looks cool to show off. But the point is when it comes to your professional skill your hobby is the one thing you always will be best at.

Hobby is the thing which makes you happy when doing it. But nodus in many people think that they don’t have a hobby and that really fascinating cause there always have a thing you doing great in it. Then it seems that those people haven’t find hobby of theirs yet. There’s simple solution to this case to find hobby. Usually hobbies born from the stack of interest so you have to gather your interest and rate them on basis of time spent on each one. The more time your spend on specific interest it will be your hobby. There’s always a infinitely lasting conflicts between the interests. On that case you have to give all some time and see what fascinate the inner genius in you.

Hobby can be anything rather than just reading, swimming etc what we used in past to describe ourselves. When you know what your good at then the process of development starts.

Why having hobby is important by the way? Can’t we just work hard get good job and life always wanted?
Answer to this question is NO. Because no matter how much you willing to do the hard work and hustle if you don’t live the work you do there is no success in it and no one stays happy without success.

So what is your kinda thing ? Figured it out Yet?


Journey to become entrepreneur- (first client)

In a very shot period of time I realised that there always is a person who is need what you want to offer. It may be seem to you like these all things are easy to say and when it comes to reality rules are changed but this thing is real for sure.

We are a really small team and too much amateur in service offer. Second or third day of the so called “journey” we all realised that what things we learnt in college are not enough to get ourselves earn the basic rent and mess bills at least. It may be wrong but there are people who don’t know what a degree is and can do cool and professional stuff we amateurs can’t do.Back to main point that we wanted to make ourselves independent and there was no source of income so we all were nervous and especially I almost given up.

During one of the talks Bhushan mentioned that he have seen the ad video of Mahendra Jewellers on local news channel in Kolhapur and we can make a better video than their present ad. So we started to meet managers and owners on basis of God knows what and I remember in the beginning I was so negative about this all stuff because it scares me out when it comes to approach new people and especially corporate people. So in the beginning I talked to one of managers like I am not interested in doing business with you or work for you.

But as I said in the start there’s always someone looking for what you want to offer. On the same day two of our daring members approached the owner of Jewelry shop above mentioned and he agreed to think about it when we he see the video made by us. So we arranged the camera and captured pictures and videos of Jewelry and in some time we showed the video to the owner. As the trend are changing now he knew that there is no one in Kolhapur who gives video effects as early did and he landed is our first contract to handle the ads.

Something my posts get seriously boring but guys this what life is I’m sorry and there is lot more but I think I should finish here.

Stay Awesome 👊 (keep working , wake up hobbyist in you)

JOURNEY TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR (ep- one before don’t know)

Earlier……. in college days:

It all started back in college life when I wasn’t having a clue of what really “entrepreneurship” is all about. At that time It all seems like piece of cake like ‘Headshoting Noobs’.I do tried to start working on it early in college life but the depth of concentration and hard work looking like error 404.

But as they say, “something is always better than nothing”. That is the reason why I found the like minded guys and that was the first breakthrough in this journey. Having a team doesn’t get you to the final stage of journey but it is most important thing to start the journey. Sitting in a group and generating ideas and concepts was our hobby and a good thing about us is we all wanted to help the farmers to increase their living standards. Behind the submissions and exams of university for what I call ‘clerk work’ college life came to end with bit of happy moments.
So today I’m on this path because of those various choices I made and lots of other big and minute parameters but when I look at it clearly I feel positive about building a great thing!
Conclusion of all about crap is “get a team of like minded and dream pursuer people”
👊 Stay Awesome ( No It’s not copied from PewDiePie 😁😁😁 ) 

Journey to become an entrepreneur! (ep-Don’t Know)

It was a tragedy when I came to know that the thing I always wanted to build and do cool stuff I can’t be able to do and the worst part of the starting phase is decrease in moral due leaving the comfort zone, it can be home or any place you live.

It all starts when you realise that skills you have are not enough to build a final product and you might also feel that you can’t do it and this is merely a start  to become demotivated and depressed. Next thing the afraid mind starts working in background activating different feelings like fear, anger,ego & hence ultimately stress and you may come to conclude that this is a crap idea to become an entrepreneur and do something different to make world a better place or may think that it could be done later or may be from home,all the alternatives even they are pointless will become major focus of your thinking cause the state of mind is disturbed in such way.

The next step happens when you​ stay in content and unhappy phase for more time and there is breaking of your mind happens and you can’t withstand it anymore. Trust me I’m​ the biggest loser when it come to that situation and I have been through that phase I cried like child it still scares me of how I felt in that phase. I’ve walked on roads with head down and feeling absolutely zero and discovered all the alternatives to stop there and may be start after some time and place of course.

But I beg u guys don’t let yourself get dishonoured by this situation cause it is just a mere start to an epic journey to become an entrepreneur!!!

(Sorry It bored you guys) 😅 Stay Awesome ✋

Being busy is new cool

When you ask any engineering student these days you’ll get answer saying that “nothing serious bro just relaxed” this is became a new trend now days to be lazy and do smart study for a day before exam to just pass. Lot of guys just spent months wandering in food court chasing girls. It’s really a worst thing on which time is wasted for no results.

This habit also gives birth to ego due to which lectures become boring and you start to think that you know everything and causes to feel sleepy. On the other hand engineering is not an easy career to do like this. There are so many things to do and learn and experiment.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in first year or last year just get exposed and try things you love.Just get busy.#beingbusyisnewcool

A Year Down. Is it an end or start?

A year down is basically a term for a year gap compulsory to pass in last year failed subjects. This ultimately means that you are going to stay at home rather than college campus studying back-log subjects.Condition for a year down in my university is 4 subjects of last year or a single one from second last year. There are many reason some students fail to pass the all subjects and face year down.

So the main point is that many of students lose hope after a year down and they start to think that this is not a thing that they can do. Negativity just surround them so heavily that they even stop further education. I have seen a lot of cases in which students stop further education just because of a year down. But some tough minded and positive students also make a year worth and it rally give them a advantage of one year accomplishments compared to passing batch.

Never think that you are not brilliant enough to learn further and start thinking how can I score more in those subject and learn some technical stuff which can help you out in future and you can polish your software skills in this period also. I honestly thinks that a year down is not a ending rather it is a start of  new era as you get advantage of age also experience.

Bro this is The Shivaji University!!

For those you who don’t know about Shivaji University. SU is one of top universities in Maharashtra with 3 districts under its jurisdiction and 279 affiliated colleges and institutes. This university is a big deal in education system in Maharashtra.

But there is this thing hurts me a lot that major group of students also not very happy with this university, especially engineering students. Love and proud feeling for the university goes down as you study more and more. This thing may be look negative but reality can’t be forgiven. I used to hate students who thought negative about this heaven but at some point they are correct. The biggest things that need to be handled properly are examination.

I am in last year of engineering and seen worst ever experience during exams. When I saw that question paper I was like  “hey,how am I suppose solve this?”. The data for multiple problems was absent. So its like, you know how to do it but can’t do it.Every single student in exam hall got confused that they might not studied well? That paper was on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Looks funny that how they played with students in final year who try to score more to improve final grades.

That is not all we got there was another subject ‘Fundamental Element Analysis’ of which the paper looked like designed by just overlooking old paper and syllabus. How irresponsible they can be. Students not allowed recheck more than 3 subjects and university get away with mistakes in 2 subjects. Well I don’t want to be but I am really getting negative about The Shivaji University.

Demonetization, Really?

Our awesome PM Modiji  made a decision to remove old 1000 and 500 Rs notes from currency and introduced new 2000 Rs note on November 8 and from that day India is standing outside of Banks and ATMs in queue.

“After demonetization, the poor are enjoying a sound sleep while rich are running from pillar to post to buy sleeping pills.” that was the statement by PM after demonetization but reality is quite different. Well I have not seen a single  rich in queue to exchange his/her fair money. But the poor people from village and rural area are in rush now and there are cases of elders dying in queue. The main point is poor people don’t deposit their money in bank as they don’t feel unsafe keeping that rolled bundle in some old pot or inside some broken trunk. But now their all money is become ‘black’ now. On the other hand black money is being converted into 2000 new currency through agents and farmers facing low market due to demonetization. Well Modiji it really is difficult to to sell/buy agricultural product by doing cashless transactions. Demonetization is not really a thing farmers will be happy about.

So question must arise that, is it really worth it ?

Am I Facebook Addicted?

It really feels awesome to scroll down and down just overlooking stories and stay online isn’t it?

I used to just lay and scroll Facebook and Instagram for hours without having a single clue what I’m doing and what am I suppose to do. I just felt for it such that even in exam time I wasted my time for long hours just watching Goal.com’s post and Messi Vs Ronaldo comments. It helps your procrastination habits very effectively and make you useless.

To fight this habit you must watch yourself when you feels urge to open any social media app and see whats happening to yourself. To convert the urge into a useful one you can apply your own hobbies such as ‘I open e-book whenever my brain tells me to open Facebook.’ Time is really an important thing to waste which only understand after you waste it and become ready to face consequences.